Melbourne’s Federation Square & Weekends

Federation Square is an interesting spot to hang out.  Actually, it’s Fed Square.  Well, that’s what the Aussies call it.  

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It’s right beside the Yarra River, across from Southbank, on the other side of the river to the Shrine of Remembrance, and on the other side of Flinders Street Station.  There are steps people sit on and just read.  There are chairs in the middle of the square to watch sporting events.   I’ve heard that people gather here for big games and get completely smash.  I wasn’t surprised because these are Aussies we’re talking about here.

Federation Square Melbourne
Federation Square Panoramic

It’s definitely an interesting “Town Square” and one of a kind.  The architecture is gorgeous and the panels on the building is nothing I’ve seen before.   It provides free wifi and it’s in the middle of everything.  I totally recommend Fed Square as tourist stop like recommending not drinking public restroom toilet water.

Federation Square Melbourne
Federation Square Melbourne
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