Degraves Street & Melbourne’s Hidden Lanes

Degraves Street is one of Melbourne’s many hidden laneways.  It’s a must see and stop in Melbourne and there isn’t anything like it. 

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It has a European feel to it but it’s narrow like the alleys of Hong Kong.  However, it’s not a clusterfuck or as filthy as Hong Kong.  It’s really clean and matter of fact Melbourne is really clean in general.  It’s as clean and spotless as Trump’s cabinet picks.  *insert sarcasm emoji*

Issus on Centre Place
Issus on Centre Place

Degraves Street is filled restaurants, bars, shops and a good amount of people walking through the place.  I’m sure the locals absolutely can’t stand the tourists but too bad so sad Degraves is on the map now.  It fulfills all your needs like eating, shopping, drinking, eating, and drinking.

Centre Place Photosphere
Centre Place Photosphere

The vibe of the street is really lively and welcoming.  It’s a great place to sit back and watch the world go by.  It definitely show cases the diverse culture of Melbourne.  I guess women would describe it as “cute” and men would describe it as “It’s cool, bro.”  Yes, it’s cool, bro.

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