Melbourne’s Hosier Lane & NY Influences

Hosier Lane had me at a lost of words.  Actually, all I had to say is “Holy F*cking Sh*t, son!” 

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This is like New York when graffiti first hit the Subway condensed in an alley.  It’s definitely a landmark and a must see when you’re in Melbourne.  It was nostalgic.  It totally took me back to my junior high days when I used to sneak out at night to go piece up the bridge underneath my middle school.

Melbourne’s Hosier Lane
Melbourne’s Hosier Lane

How is this a landmark?  There’s an Obey stencil at one of the end of it.  If Shepard has been here, then you know it’s pretty renowned.  However, I couldn’t spot any Banksy pieces but then again I don’t think Banksy would waste his time here.  Why?  Cause the artists spray paint their art over each other.   Therefore, the artwork is consistently changing and what you see on your current visit won’t be there on your next visit.

What really made me say “Holy F*cking Sh*t, son!” was the colors of the pieces.  It was vibrant and mesh well.  However, I’m color blind, so those blue and purples could have been yellow and pink for all I know.

Welcome to Thunder Dome, b*tch!

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