Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road is pretty much Australia’s California’s Pacific Coast Highway. However, I will give it to the Aussies that their road is more majestic and scenic. 

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It’s a 3.5 hour drive from Melbourne to the 12 Apostles.  Of course, that’s not accounting for spots along the way. With all the stops, it could be an all day adventure especially Australia’s speed limit is about 40 mph.  Here in ‘Muurica… we live our life in the fast lane cause we got the need for speed.  Shake AND Bake, Ricky Bobby.

 Roadside on Great Ocean Rd
Roadside on Great Ocean Rd

The day trip will take you through all these beautiful and scenic landscape Australia has to offer.   Those landmarks exclude the nude beach.  Here are some sites that are worth the stop (Click on the blue links for more pictures):

It’s a great ride if you can stay awake.  I personally enjoy taking naps on road trips while other people drive.  Let us know in the comments section when one you guys have visited or plan to visit.

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