Swing Bridge Cafe

This is a great stop on Great Ocean Rd for some coffee.  It’s right before Apollo Bay. 

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The cool breeze from the ocean had my hair blowing in the wind like a Pantene commercial.  In addition, I got to soak in the smell of Australia and the ocean.  In other words, salty manure.   There’s a really cool bridge and there’s actually water running under the bridge.  I know.  What a great reason to build a bridge, right?  You get a great view of the ocean and annoying flies that don’t get the hint like people who keep texting you even though you don’t respond back.

Panoramic shot of Swing Bridge Cafe
Panoramic shot of Swing Bridge Cafe

However, outside of its faults, it’s a great stop for a photo opportunity.  The backdrop makes it look like you’re doing really cool shit that you can brag about on social media.  Heck.. You might want to do an aerial shot of your feet in the sand so you could post on Instagram.  I think that was one of my regrets when I left Australia.  I didn’t do enough aerial shots of my food, feet and drinks against a wall.

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