Gibson Steps

Gibson Steps is a stop right before the Twelve Apostles. You could see all the tourist at the Twelve Apostles

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It’s a great secluded beach with only a few thousands people passing through it every minute.  What’s a few thousand people in a small area?  What’s a few thousand in the whole world?  However, there’s a small parking lot with no more than 15 spots to accommodate those few thousands.

I didn’t have any trouble finding parking cause everyone was heading to the Twelve Apostles.  I walked down the path.  Once I reached the steps, the steps were pretty crazy, slippery and wet like Mel Gibson after a night of drinking and cursing Jewish people.  Hence, the “Gibson” steps.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was slippery and wet from all the booze he drinks.

Panoramic shot of the Gibson Steps
Panoramic shot of the Gibson Steps

Once on the sands, it’s amazing.  You could walk over to one of the 12 Apostles for your photo op.  The cliffs are ridged and different colors.  I guess my High School Ecology teacher knew what he was talking about regarding plate tectonics.  Wait.. Or was it platonic?  I don’t know.  I kind of feel bad for tackling him cause he made fun of me for saying “mama said…”

Gibson Steps is one stop before  Twelve Apostles, so you might as well make the stop.

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