Torquay Beach & Solitude

Torquay Beach is known to be a party town especially when school’s out for the Summer.  There’s parties along the beach with naked people roaming around. 

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Now, that I got your attention, you perverts.  This is a gorgeous beach and definitely in a semi-secluded area.  There was absolutely no one around and a few surfers in the waters.  I think the reason why it’s so secluded was because there were a swarm of great white sharks in the water.  Hence, no f*cks given by the surfers.  Thug Life.  Don’t believe me?  Google “Jaws” then you’ll see the pictures all over the internet.

Panoramic of Torquay Beach
Panoramic of Torquay Beach

However, the best time to come here is during mid-morning outside of the party seasons.

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