12 Apostles Or Is It?

The Twelve Apostles is probably one of Australia’s most recognizable landscapes.  It’s shy of 4 hours from Melbourne in Port Campbell. 

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The Twelve Apostles is probably the most famous Australian landmark outside of the Sydney Opera House.  It’s to Oz as Big Ben is to London. It’s to Oz as the San Francisco Bridge is to San Francisco.  It’s to Oz as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris.  It’s to Oz as my stomach is to my body.

12 Apostles Port Campbell Australia
Panoramic shot of 12 Apostles

However, in my opinion, the Australians are a bit of liars or they were completely obliterated when the counted the Apostles.  They call it the “Twelve” Apostles.   I only counted about 6 of them but maybe I needed to multiply by 2 because that’s what usually happens when you have beer goggles on.  Everything looks better and comes in twos.

The trek to view the Twelve Apostles is fairly treacherous.  After you park your car, there’s a long walk through mountain ranges where orcs lurk in the bushes.  It’s recommended that you have a tour guide that speaks Elvish and who can fight off orcs like Legolas in Lord of the Rings.  I’m totally kidding.  It’s a pave cement walkway with a few stairs to get to the viewing platform.

Panoramic shot of the "Twelve" Apostles
Panoramic shot of the “Twelve” Apostles

Anyway, it’s located along Great Ocean Road and packed with tourist and flies.  It’s pretty breathe taking like watching the waitress come out with your food.  I personally prefer watching the waitress walk out in slow motion and laying my plate of goodness on my table than listening to a bunch of tourist.  That’s just me though.

Lastly, a must stop when you’re in Victoria.  Enough said and enjoy the pictures.

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