Fred Perry & My British Ascent

Fred Perry is an interesting clothing brand.  If I could describe their clothing, it would be the movie Trainspotting or Snatch. 

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It’s conservative, slim fit, preppy and British.  In other words, shit I don’t wear cause I can’t fit in it.  Thanks, McDonald’s.  Thanks, Big Mac.  Thanks, 40 piece Chicken Nuggets for $10 USD.  Thanks, Captain Morgan.

Fred Perry
Four Seasons Keys

The store is really small and no bigger than a shoe box.  There wasn’t much there besides a few hangers of clothing and leather goods.  I had to drop by here to pick up some gifts for my baby sister cause she wanted a bag from Fred Perry.  Do you notice a trend here?  I only go to malls or retail stores to buy useless shit for other people by request.   Well, luckily for me, she’s not into Louis Vutton or Chanel.  I would have told her to send me her credit card information.

Fred Perry
Fred Perry Gym/Duffle Bag

To be honest, Fred Perry is pretty pricey for my standards cause I don’t spend much on clothing or material things.  It’s insignificant compared to Louis Vutton and Chanel but I still couldn’t see myself spending much on useless material shit that doesn’t add value to my life or pounds to my weight.  Why?  Cause the clothes don’t make the man.  The man makes the clothes.  Unfortunately, this man can’t fit into his clothes.

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