Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade is an interesting place.  It’s a gorgeous looking mall with Victorian decor from the signs to the rails. 

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The decor and architecture makes it a nice place to visit.  It’s proabably one of the few malls where I wouldn’t mind being dragged to.  It’s definitely charming like me burping after a big meal.  I know.  I’m quite the catch.  Pull my finger?

There isn’t many shops.  The shops are just along one aisle within the mall.  There’s a coffee shop in the middle of the mall and I came here to pick up some Fred Perry items for my sister.  There isn’t any luxury brands like Louis Vutton, Chanel, Burberry or Hanes.   It was quite bloody disappointing in my opinion.

However, it’s definitely a must stop in Sydney if you want to see old Victorian decor.  Lastly, I’m not sure why they called it an “arcade” when there wasn’t any pinball machines or games of any sort.  Terrible.

Strand Arcade Sydney
Strand Arcade Sydney
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