Sydney Airport & Its Inefficiencies – SYD

Sydney Airport isn’t too bad if you’re flying domestic. I flew from Melbourne to Sydney for a night and the flight was a little over an hour.  It was fairly easy to arrive and depart.  Sydney seemed like a fairly easy airport to navigate. 

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I didn’t have an issues with traffic or congestion.  It’s about 20 minutes away from the city and practically no traffic anywhere.  I didn’t understand why the cab driver was complaining that the traffic was getting bad in Australia.  I just chuckled and said, “Ninja please. Try to commute in LA or NYC during rush hour, son.  Let’s see if you kill anyone.”

Sydney International Airport
The train from domestic to International

There is one complaint I have about the domestic terminals at Sydney Airport.  There are NO toilet seat covers.  WTF?!  Seriously.  Actually, it goes for all of Australia!  The amount of food I eat I need to drop deuces on the regular and there shouldn’t be a toilet seat cover issue.  What the f*ck is wrong with you, Aussies?!  Please talk to your President or Prime Minister to remedy this issue.  No bueno, amigo.   Besides that.  It’s definitely one of the easier domestic terminals to get in and out like Melbourne’s Airport.

Sydney International Airport
The train

However, the international terminal is like 2 miles away and you have to take a paid bus or the tram there.  It could suck if you’re on a layover trying to catch a flight back to America with 2.5 hours until your next flight and you have a past filled with 187s showing up on their screen.  It’s hard for a G.  Seriously, I didn’t have the best experience at Sydney International Terminal.

Sydney Airport
Sydney Airport Christmas decorations

I had to stop the flight attendant from closing the door on me before I missed my flight back home to the States.  I had a 2.5 hour layover between flights, which should be enough time.   The whole process of getting from domestic to international shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half, which includes landing, grabbing your luggage, hopping on the tram, checking in, going through immigration and going through TSA.  However, that shit took over 2 hours.

Sydney Airport
The view of Sydney

In addition, it probably didn’t help that my Qantas flight was 45 minutes late and I got held up at immigration for those 187s.  I don’t understand why they held me up.  I’m leaving the country and they should be trying to get my ass out of there asap.   It’s hard for a G, son.  Lesson learned.  No more layover flights.  I’m flying straight to my destination or it’s an overnight layover.

International Terminal = Poor process and very inefficient.

Domestic Terminal = Easy and efficient.

Lastly, I still love the Aussies despite their inefficient process.

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