Royal Botanic Gardens & The Sydney’s Coast

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney is definitely better than Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Garden.  It’s located on the coast for starters.

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Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden (RBG) is located next to a lot of Sydney’s landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.  It offers panoramic views of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.   It’s definitely different from other major cities’ parks but it does offer a view of Sydney’s skyline like the other parks.  It’s the perfect place to sit, relax and laugh at people.

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden

Panoramic view from the park and some guy pissing on the grass

RBG is a great place to have a walk.  There are a bunch of people sitting around doing absolutely nothing while hard working people like us are slaving away.  It’s definitely something to be jealous about.  I hate those people.  Why do I have to be a grown up?

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden

The old pyramid

Anyway, there are places along the park where you could sit and admire the water.   The trees, vegetation, sculptures, and numerous benches to sit. It feels like another world even though it’s right next to downtown Sydney.  There people who are working out and making the rest of us feel insecure about our bodies.  It’s like join the gym like everyone else.  I personally don’t mind cause I’m using eating something unhealthy close-by watching them sweat.

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden

The view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

It’s definitely hard not to stop by RBG since it’s right next to the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.  It’s a fabulous place to enjoy your pizza while watching people work out or point at people and laugh.  I definitely recommend RBGS for those who appreciates nature, want to relax and sit around to smoke some weed.

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden

The pond inside RBG
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