Sydney Opera House & Sydney’s Pride

The Sydney Opera house is an iconic piece of architecture and synonymous with Sydney, Australia.  It’s gorgeous and larger in real life. 

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Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

The pictures on the web does not do it justice and you have to see it in person.  Actually, maybe it does do them justice like Instagram filters on those Instagram celebrities.  It’s located in the Quay where you could see the Sydney bridge and the Opera house in one shot.  Therefore, killing two birds with one stone, but you can sleep at night cause you didn’t actually kill anything.

It has a lot of history behind it.  Long story short.  It was originally built for the Greek play writer, Sophocles, who lived in the 490s BC; Sophocles is famous for many New York plays like West Side Story, Annie, and A Bronx Tale.   I’m sure you heard of him.   Anyway, Sophocles was known for using a hyperloop to get to Sydney to recite his plays and the Australian government wanted to show their appreciation so they built the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Royal Botanic Garden
The view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

It’s really a cream color and not white.  I think because I’m color blind.  There was a good amount of foot traffic but it wasn’t unmanageable like Time Square.  Time Square is a clusterf*ck and the Sydney Opera house is a walk in a park.  The Sydney Botanical Garden is right next door and provides an awesome view of both the bridge and opera house.

I didn’t take a tour.  I was happy with just looking at it from the Quay and the Botanical garden while watching people do different kids of poses.  It’s a charming structure and definitely a must see a piece of Greek inspired architecture in modern day Sydney.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

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