Din Tai Fung & Xiao Long Bao In Sydney

Din Tai Fung (DTF) serves the world famous soup dumplings (i.e., Xiao Long Bao).  The only soup dumpling to receive one Michelin star and they’re slowing taking over the world one soup dumpling at a time.

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I was a bit surprised to find DTF in Sydney’s Westfield mall as I was stumbling around and trying to regain my footing from my food coma.  However, I wasn’t surprised with the line for DTF cause the ones located in Southern California are notorious for their wait time.   I stood there with my food coma.  I went back and forth about eating again then I noticed the line was moving fairly fast.  I didn’t let the long line discourage me from making my order and eating an hour after I just had dim sum at Mr. Wong.  Go hard or go home.

Din Tai Fung Sydney
The restaurant

Now, the soup dumplings.  It was fairly consistent with the ones at other locations I’ve been.  However, the only thing missing was the temperature of the soup.  It seem a bit simmer versus piping hot.  The number of creases on the wrap, texture of the wrapper, the flavors of the pork, and the way it melted in my mouth was all there.  It just evaporates in your mouth like a tab of acid, but this will not make you see things.  Maybe if you get a major food comas like me.  After dinner one time, I saw an image of an old skinny me then I went on with my life.

Din Tai Fung Sydney
The XLBs

Overall, it’s a must try for anyone who hasn’t eaten at Din Tai Fung.  Also, don’t be discourage by the long line.  My entire wait time was no more than 15 mins from getting in line to receiving my order.  I know you’re used to fast service like your boyfriend’s performance time in bed.  However, this is worth it.

Din Tai Fung Sydney
XLB making

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  • 6.5/10
    Service - 6.5/10
  • 6/10
    Presentation - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Flavors - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Decor - 6/10
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    Ambiance - 6/10


Din Tai Fung (DTF) serves the world famous soup dumplings (i.e., Xiao Long Bao). This location is in Sydney’s Westfield mall. Din Tai Fung provides a quick meal for those looking for a quicky like those late night hot line bling.

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