O’Hare International Airport & Tips of the Trade – ORD

O’Hare International Airport isn’t a bad airport.  It had all the essentials of what people come to label as an airport.  Let’s see.  It has a departure/arrival section, bars, a food court, Starbucks, cranky people, police officers, traffic control tower, TSA and airplanes.  Yup, pretty standard if you ask me.

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On my arrival, the airport was pretty empty and I got through the airport quick.  It was pretty damn cold during the first week of March.  I experienced the lake wind chill while waiting for our cab.  I’ve been in many below zero conditions at high altitudes but when that wind chill hit me it sends a shiver up my spine like when a woman finds out she has a stalker.

O’Hare International Airport
This is how the airport looks when you’re been drinking on the plane

On the departure, I didn’t experience any traffic or any congestion since it was late Sunday afternoon.  There are ticket booths for to you grab your boarding pass if you checked in online.  I totally suggest checking in online and only bringing a carry on cause it saves you so much time.  The TSA were pretty efficient in getting people through the metal detectors in a timely manner.  There was no captivities searches on anyone.  Also, I wouldn’t suggest using the words “bomb” or anything to that nature even if you’re saying “dude that’s the bomb!”

 “O’Hare International Airport & Tips of the Trade – ORD” is locked O’Hare International Airport

Overall, ORD isn’t a bad airport compared to LAX.  I didn’t experience any major congestion issues and the lines moved fairly fast.  It’s clean and everyone was fairly pleasant.  I didn’t get the pretentious LA attitude I’m accustomed to but more of the subtle facial expressions of “that’s disgusting” when I let one rip in the TSA security line.

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