Chicago’s Iconic Theatre

The Chicago Theatre is a definitely a Chicago landmark.  It’s actually an American landmark.

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The building is absolutely gorgeous from outside and it’s what I expect from a Chicago building.  It’s was very charming with it’s Midwest swagger.  Whatever that means.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend a show here and judging it based on its exterior.  Therefore, don’t hate.  It’s not like you never dated someone based on their looks.

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For your information, I asked for a tour and this was how the conversation went down:

Me:  Could I get a tour of the Theater?

Attendant:  Sorry.  I can’t let you in.

Me:  Why?

Attendant:  We don’t allow your kind of people here.

Me: What?  What do you mean “your kind of people”?

Attendant:  People with talent.

Chicago Theatre
Chicago Theatre

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