360 Chicago, the John Hancock Building & Chicago’s Northside

360 Chicago aka John Hancock Observatory is the other observatory in Chicago.  The other being Sky Deck

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The John Hancock Building, which is also known as 360 Chicago.  It’s a pretty cool piece of architecture with its zig zaggy bars and blackish color.  I’m not sure whether it’s black or not cause I’m color blind.  It could be piss yellow, purple or pink for fuck’s sake.  However, it’s black for the sake of this entry and my sanity.

 John Hancock Building
John Hancock Building

Anyway, you get a full 360 view of Chicago; hence, the name “360 Chicago.”  The view of the lake is definitely better here than at Sky Deck.  However, 360 Chicago has a open air viewing deck where you could feel the wind in your face.  It’s also a place where you could scream “I’m the king of the world” like Leonardo in Titanic.  Let’s hope you don’t have the same fate as him in the movie where you die cause you couldn’t fit on a wood board.

360 Chicago
Northside view at 360 Chicago with the open air observation deck

There isn’t much to say about 360 Chicago besides it’s not as crowded as the Sky Deck.  I would recommend visiting during the weekday instead of the weekend.  I didn’t experience any crowds.  Lastly, you could have a drink at the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor (ie, Signature Lounge) or dinner at the restaurant on the 95th floor (ie, Signature Room) after you’re done.  The restaurant and lounge names are fitting for a man’s name that is synonymous with getting a person’s John Hancock aka signature.  I know.  The symbolism in that.

360 Chicago
Southside view at 360 Chicago

It’s definitely worth a visit and at the end of the Mag Mile.  It’s pretty hard to miss since it’s the tallest building in the area.   There’s additional shops in the building in case you didn’t get enough shopping done on Mag Mile.  How long you ball for?  All day. All day.  However, I don’t think the building is bigger than Kanye West’s ego.

360 Chicago
360 Chicago

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