The Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile is pretty much Chicago’s Rodeo Drive minus the movie stars, Royce Rolls, Beverly Hills, and California weather.  It has a sh*t load of well known brands and pretentious designer labels on the strip.  It has all the qualities I dislike in malls and shopping centers.  

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In general, malls and shopping centers give me a headache and it’s definitely not my go-to spot to hang out.  I’m not into buying a bunch of worthless superficial junk to display my economic status.  Plus, I’m not easily brain washed by companies’ advertisements and the value I put on these material possession is shit.  I seriously rather spend my cash on making it rain with a gold chain, bad bitches by my side, stacking my cash on that ass, and poppin bottles of Cristal.  Like I said, I’m not easily influenced by the media.

Magnificent Mile Chicago
Chicago Bulls Representing

I did enjoy walking down Mag Mile despite my dislike for material possessions.  The architecture is definitely pretty once you cross Riverwalk.  It’s definitely a better walk than Rodeo Drive cause you don’t get those snooty pretentious LA folks staring you down when you drive by in your car bumping A$AP Rocky’s F*ckin Problems.  Seriously.  What’s their problem?  I love bad bitches.  That’s my problem.

Magnificent Mile Chicago
Mag Mile

Lastly, the building that really stood out was the Burberry store.  The outside of the store is designed like their signature “checker” pattern.  As first, I was like “oh that’s so cool” then I was like “I should get matching boxers with my checker polo shirt”.   There’s a fine line between classy and tacky.  I cross that line everyday with my obnoxious tendencies to make sure everyone on social media knows I just bought a new Louis Vutton accessory.

Magnificent Mile Chicago
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