Willis Tower & The View of Chicago’s Southside

Willis Tower aka Skydeck aka Sears Tower aka P. Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Diddy.  It has more names than Sean Combs.  It has more names than Drake has love songs.

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Seriously, stop changing your damn name and grow a pair.  The famous observatory is the one with the glass panel where everyone on Instagram has a picture sitting on like the selfie in front of the Cloud Gate.  Unlike Cloud Gate, there’s a line to take a picture on the glass.  Well, there isn’t really a line cause people are pushing each other out of the way to get their picture.  Also, you could pay for pictures on the glass if you don’t feel like jumping into the mosh pit.

Willis Tower Skydeck Chicago
Skydeck Chicago

The observation day is on the 103rd floor and open 365 days a year.  I wonder if they considered the 29th of February on leap year with the 365 statement.  It’s a gorgeous view of Chicago and you get the whole 360 degrees view of the city from the Southside.

Willis Tower Skyview Chicago
The view of the lake

It’s the perfect place to angle down when women ask you to take a downward picture of them.

Women: “Could you take a picture of us real quick?”

Me: “Sure”

Women: “Wait! Not a straight shot.  Could you angle down?”

Me: “Okay”

Women: “Wait!  No higher”

Me: “Okay”

Women: “A little higher”

Me on the 103rd floor of SkyDeck:  “How about now?!?”

Women: “Perfect!”

Willis Tower Skyview Chicago
The south side view

The SkyDeck provides a pretty spectacular view of the lake and Chicago’s horizon.   Lastly, it’s part of the CityPASS so use it wisely and don’t go spending the tickets all in one place like the kid’s Thunderdome — Shedd Aquarium.  Too bad you can’t buy alcohol with the CityPASS.

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