Lincoln Park Conservatory Is A Chicago Oasis In Winter

Lincoln Park Conservatory is an oasis in Chicago especially in the dead of winter.  When I say Oasis, I don’t mean the egotistical dipshit who sings Wonderwall.  

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It’s the perfect place to take a date cause it’s free.  Plus, women loves flowers and this place is filled with flowers.  It’s also a place of entertainment for those who are into extracurricular mind-altering substances.  In other words, Lincoln Park Conservatory is the perfect place to go when you’ve just eaten an eighth of shrooms or dropped a tab of acid.  Furthermore, it’s the perfect place to take someone who has allergies when the seasons change or for someone who is allergic to pollen.

Lincoln Park Conservatory Chicago
Lincoln Park Conservatory

On a serious note, it’s a pretty cool place especially during the winter when it’s snowing and freezing outside. It’s like walking into a totally different world.  I felt I was in the movie Avatar except for the alien, the spaceships, mechanical robots, weird creatures, war crazed general, giant plants, and blue people walking around.  Also, there are Easter eggs all of the conservatory.  The hidden items are toy dinosaurs and unicorns in the gardens.  It’s definitely worth the trip to warm up in the middle of the winter cold.

Lincoln Park Conservatory Chicago
Photosphere of Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago
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