Lincoln Park Zoo & The Dead of Winter

Lincoln Park Zoo is completely dead during the winter and the only thing alive was an American Bald Eagle.

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The only animal on display was the bald Eagle.  The whole place was covered in snow and completely empty; it reminded me of the Walking Dead where everyone flees the city and I didn’t get the memo to run.    However, it was free, so I couldn’t resist it even if there was a zombie chasing my ass from the rhino to the bald eagle.

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago
Black Rhino

It’s a great place to walk through even though it was in the dead of winter on the North Side of Chic-A-Go *Married with Children reference*.  I don’t know any zoo that’s free especially in California.  In addition, it’s right next to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, so you could knock out two things in a short period of time.  I didn’t have any trouble finding parking cause I took an Uber.

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago
The Zoo

Overall, it’s located in the good part of town.  In addition, it’s a cool little free zoo for families and guys who don’t want to spend any cash on a date.  I’m one of those guys, but unfortunately, there isn’t any free zoos in Southern California so I stick to coffee dates to minimize costs.

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