Chicago Riverwalk

In my opinion, Chicago Riverwalk is what makes Chicago Chicago.  It separates and distinguish Chicago from any other great city in the world. 

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London has Thames, Melbourne has Southbank, Paris has the Seine, and the South United States has Hurricane Katrina.  However, none of those cities have a yuuge Trump logo on a hotel on the Riverwalk.  What else could be more impressive than having a name of an idiot in bright lights when you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful walk along the river?  I don’t know about you, but I love to reminded of the beloved demagogue has a horrible tan.

Chicago Riverwalk
From Mag Mile

Chicago’s Riverwalk is not like any other riverwalk in the world.  The steel frames of the multiple bridges along the river is the most recognizable trait.  The industrial characteristics shows its ability to withstand Chicago’s Wind Chill even though it shows visible signs of wear and tear.  It’s kind of like how every U.S. President looks 40 years older when they finish their presidency.  In other words, Trump is going to look like a shrivel orange when he’s done with his term.

Chicago Riverwalk
The architecture along riverwalk

During the winter, the riverwalk is filled with white snow and will have you sniffing like you just snorted an ounce of cocaine.  Kind of like Trump during the 2nd Presidential debate.  However, the sight of the snow on riverbank won’t make you vomit like the sight of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on stage together.  In addition, each bridge gives you a slightly different picture especially the way the light shines on the river and buildings.

Chicago Riverwalk
The architecture along riverwalk

Chicago Riverwalk is worth the trip.  It’s on the way to many of the North River attractions like Lou Malnati’s and Al’s Beef.  Oh there’s stuff like Mag Mile and 360 Chicago but we’re there to stuff our face not buy stuff.  Lastly, it’s definitely a must stop or walk to throw rocks at the Trump Hotel.

Chicago Riverwalk
The middle bridge of Riverwalk

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