Millennium Park Is More Than The Bean

Millennium Park is definitely one of my favorite parks in the world.  It’s probably one of the most artistic ones I’ve seen. 

Every major city has its public park everyone flocks to hang out.  New York has Central Park, San Francisco has Golden Gate Park, Boston has Fenway Park, and Los Angeles has I-hope-you-find-a-place-to-park.  The artwork at Millennium Park reminds me of my 5 year old nephew’s stick figure drawings he would bring home from school.  It’s one of those situations where you have to like it even though you think it’s garbage.

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There are a good amount of things to see and it doesn’t take a day and a half like Los Angeles’ I-hope-you-find-a-place-to-park.   Millennium Park was once an industrial wasteland filled with social media celebrities and basic bitches trying to become famous.  However, it’s filled with people who actually have substance and selfie sticks in hand now.

Attractions aka Shit to see:

  1. Jay Pritzker Pavilion – More pictures here.
    Jay Pritzker Pavilion
    Jay Pritzker Pavilion
  2. Cloud GateMore pictures here.
    The Bean aka Cloud Gate Chicago
    The Bean aka Cloud Gate
  3. Crown Fountain
  4. Lurie Garden
  5. Wrigley SquareMore pictures here.
    Millennium Park Chicago
    Millennium Monument
  6. Boeing Galleries
    Boeing Gallery South
    Boeing Gallery South
  7. BP Bridge
    Millennium Park Chicago
    BP Bridge
  8. McDonald’s Cycle Center
  9. Harris Theater
  10. McCormick Tribute Plaza
    Millennium Park Chicago
    McCormick Tribute Plaza
  11. Exelon Pavilions
  12. Chase Promenade
     Chase Promenade
    Chase Promenade
  13. Nichols Bridgeway
    Millennium Park Chicago
    Nichols Bridgeway

If you stay in the Loop, you could walk there.  In addition, it’s right across from the Art Institute of Chicago.  I want to say “it’s a must stop” like when a pedestrian jail walks, but must stops are usually relative depending on your mood.  For example, if you say your cheating spouse crossing the street, I don’t think it would be a “must stop” situation.  Lastly, don’t forget your selfie stick.

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