Chicago’s Wrigley Square & Millennium Monument

Wrigley Square is at the Northwest corner of Millennium Park.  It’s more than meets the eye.  The site is the location of where Al Capone ran his alcohol operations during the prohibition days.  If you look carefully, there is still bottles left from those days in the lawn area.  

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Actually, I take that back.  It’s probably from people getting trash at the park the night before.  Wrigley Square is famous for the Millennium Monument, which is a complete replica of the one that sat in Grant Park.  There’s a great debate of whether the monument is made of French limestone or French marble.  It doesn’t matter to Americans cause we don’t care much for the snooty French.

It is the location for many art exhibits and musical performances.  In other words, the square is a meeting place for hipsters with fanny packs and overly curly mustaches.  The type of mustaches you want to grab a hold of and rip off the face of the owners.  The good thing about the square is there is a lawn area and fountain.  However, the fountain isn’t too deep cause my vertically challenged friend could still breathe when I was trying to keep his head underwater.

Millennium Park Chicago
Millennium Monument

Wrigley Square is an afterthought compared to the Chicago Cloud Gate aka the Bean.  Wrigley Square is like the washed-up-jock-frat-boy older brother and Cloud Gate aka the Bean is the geeky-artistic-social-media-saavy younger brother.  The one where women on Tinder say they’re sapiosexual but still swipe left.  Yeah, that one.

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