Shake Shack & The Chicago Wind Chill

Unfortunately, the East Coast West Coast beef didn’t die with 2pac and Biggie.  It’s still very much alive with In N Out and Shake Shack.

Shake Shack is pretty much the In N Out of the East Coast.  Well, not really. They’re Shake Shack.  It gets the comparison all the time due to being similar in nature.  However, Shake Shack has a larger selection of food and drinks.  Shit they even serve beers.

I’m from the Westside, so I’m going to try to be unbiased as possible.  I wanted to lay to rest the great feud between Shake Shack and In N Out fans and determine for myself which is the better burger.   It’s like 2pac versus Biggie.  It’s like the West Coast East Coast beef.  Drake versus Meek Mill but not anywhere near as lame.   People actually care about this beef.  Pun intended.

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Anyway, I went with the Smoked Shack with an order of crinkle fries.  The burger was the right portion and it wasn’t overwhelming like Kanye West’s stupid antics for attention. The bacon was definitely smoked and I could smell it when I received my order.  The taste of the smokiness was a bit overpowering and took focus off of the rest of the burger like how Trump took focus off of his conflict of interest when he met with Kanye West.  It’s like they had a debate on who had the bigger ego.  Bacon was crispy and wasn’t too salty.  The beef patty wasn’t as tasty or juicy as an In N Out Double Double.  There was a hint of dryness but it wasn’t as bad as Ashy Larry from the Chapelle Show.

Now the fries.  I get it.  It’s Yukon fries and it’s supposed to be crispy, crunchy, and salty.  It does live up to the crispy, crunchy and salty hype.  However, it didn’t taste fresh at all.  The fries lacked any softness after I got passed the outer layer.  In N Out totally wins in this department by a landslide of ketchup and spread.  Yes, I said Ketchup.  I’ll stop using ketchup when Chicago takes back Kanye and trash the Trump Hotel on Riverwalk.

Crinkle Fries and Smoked Shack Shake Shack
Crinkle Fries and Smoked Shack

Shake Shack is definitely a good burger all around but it falls short of In N Out’s Double Double Animal Style.  It’s that Thousand Island sauce on the Double Double!  It got me feening like how Trump can’t take his little fingers of his Twitter updates.  It brings me back everytime like how Kanye and Kim Kardashian pulls a publicity stunt to get back into the news.

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Unfortunately, the East Coast West Coast beef didn’t die with 2pac and Biggie. Now, it revolves around two burgers on the East Coast and West Coast. I wanted to see whether the Shake Shack hype was warranted but like Derrick Rose it was all hype and didn’t live up to expectations.

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