Go Pocha & LA’s K-Town Pub Scene

Go Pocha is the typical Korean Pub that offers Beer, Soju, and Korean pub food. It’s in a Plaza with horrible parking, which is typical K-town.

The windows are black out and the decor is ol’ fashion Korean influence. The wait staff are all fairly young while some of them speak English and others don’t.  It’s as Korean as you can get next to K-Pop.  Well, that or using the smell of Korean BBQ as cologne.

Go Pocha was my go-to spot for LA games and happy hour.  The food is salty, greasy and extremely unhealthy, which makes it great; in addition, everything is 50% off from 3-9 PM  on a daily basis, so you can’t beat that like how a teenage boy beats his meat.

Now, the food.  We usually order the following items:

  1. Fried Chicken Wings – The crispy wings comes out piping hot with a side of red chili.  There’s a crunch when you bite into the tender white meat.  The greasy wings is offset by the slightly sweet chili sauce and the salad makes me feel better about my weight and eating habits.
    Go Pocha Los Angeles
    Fried Chicken Wings
  2. Spicy Rice Cake With Ramen – The chewy tapioca texture rice cakes is mixed with a boiled egg then thrown in with some instant ramen and kim chi.  The dish has a lot of flavor and the instant ramen is silky.  It’s a nice plate to remind myself why I can never keep my annual new year’s resolution of working out.
    Go Pocha Los Angeles
    Spicy Rice Cake With Ramen
  3. Seafood Soup – The boiling soup comes with mussels, clams, squid and burnt rice at the bottom of the bowl.  It has a wide range of flavors which mostly includes being salty. To be honest, it’s a bowl filled with sodium and will eventually lead to a heart attack.  Who wants to live forever anyways?  YOLO.
    Go Pocha Los Angeles
    Seafood Soup
  4. Fried Egg – This is a complementary and simple dish.  For some reason, Go Pocha does it really well and it’s one of the best eggs I’ve eaten in my life.  The silky texture and oily flavor makes it stand out like walking with a big sign that says “You’re all sinners.  Repent now!” in Downtown Los Angeles.
    Go Pocha Los Angeles
    Fried Egg

Overall, Go Pocha provides a great place to shoot the shit while eating artery clogging food with your friends.  It’s easy on the wallet and big on flavors due to their high use of salt.  Don’t worry.  The soju and beer will help wash away all of the sodium building up in your kidneys and arteries.

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    Flavors - 8/10
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    Decor - 6/10
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    Ambiance - 6.5/10


It’s your typical Korean pub except everything is 50% off from 3-9 PM on a daily basis. Go Pocha provides a great place to shoot the shit while eating artery clogging food with your friends.

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