Bestia Is LA’s Favorite Restaurant

Bestia is probably one of Los Angeles’ most beloved restaurants.  It’s the perfect example of a quasi-essential “LA” restaurant.  It’s trendy.  It’s hip.  It’s lively.  It’s crowded.   It’s always fully booked. 

Bestia Los Angeles
The restaurant decor

Bestia is in Downtown.  Everyone and their mama raves about Bestia to the point where it’s annoying and it makes you want to say it sucks just for the sake of of saying it sucks.  It’s like how Floyd Mayweather always brags about how much money he has.  It’s like we get it.  Los Angeles loves Bestia like they love Pac, Dre, Snoop and Kobe.

It’s pretty hard to get reservations at Bestia, but they take reservations up to 11:45 PM to meet the demand.  However, it’s probably easier to win the lottery in your lifetime then score reservations at your desired time.  Bestia’s service is a lot better than restaurants in its class and they provide recommendations.  There’s a patio seating, a bar and the main dining hall. The kitchen is wide open so you can make sure the cooks don’t pick their nose while handling your food.  In addition, Bestia has a dope playlist.  It includes a lot of 90s Hip Hop/Gangsta Rap I grew up listening to on the West Coast.  W. Thug Life. Outlawz.  DPGC.  Death Row.  M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches).

Bestia Los Angeles
The kitchen

Anyway, la comida.  I practically tried a good portion of the menu cause I’m like a heroin addict at a methadone clinic when I see a food menu. I’m going to touch on my favorite items.  Those are as folllows:

  1. Roasted Marrow Bone – This is probably their signature dish.  It’s two pieces of bone marrow served on spinach gnocchetti and crispy breadcrumbs with aged balsamic.  I usually go through a few orders of these because it’s more addicting than crystal meth.  The silky bone marrow has the right amount of salt.  The spinach gnocchetti and crispy breadcrumbs were both incredibly soft yet chewy.  It was the perfect Los Angeles combo like 2pac and Snoop.
    Bestia Los Angeles
    Roasted Bone Marrow
  2. Cavatelli alla Norcina – The cavatelli was cooked al dente.  The ricotta dumplings wasn’t too cheesy or overpowering and blended well with the housemade pork sausage.   The taste of firm outer shell quickly went by as you taste the tenderness and flavorful pork sausage. It’s like trying to discipline your favorite child but you always in up giving it. The aroma of the dish was brought out with the black truffles and we were fighting over the last bite cause it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.
    Bestia Los Angeles
    Cavatelli alla Norcina
  3. Salumi – This dish is the chef’s selection of house-cured meats served with pickles, mostarda, and grilled bread.  It’s a good appetizer to start off with cause it’s salty and gets the appetite started.  It’s like a hater makes an offbeat comment and you know they’re about to go off on some stupid topic.  The cured meats went well with the grilled bread and the salt content of the meats wasn’t overdone.  It had a lot of flavor like DJ Quik’s Tonite.
    Bestia Los Angeles
  4. Foie Gras Terrine –  It’s served on a brioche bread with stumptown coffee, lemon paste, and sea salt.  The richness and buttery texture of the foie gras was perfectly seasoned with sea salt. It’ll have your cholesterol level higher than Snoop and Wiz in Amsterdam.  As you chew, each bite went back and forth between the foie gras and brioche bread like Dre and Snoop on Nuthin’ Like A G Thang cause it’s like this and like that and like this and ummm…
    Bestia Los Angeles
    Foie Gras Terrine
  5. Grilled Beef Meatballs – It was cooked medium rare and the ratio of the fat and lean meat was on point.  You could taste the tangy and sweetness of tomatoes and braised beet greens when you double dipped the meatball back into the soffritto.  The beef meatballs tenderness were impressive and it was softer than Drake on a Tyrese song.
    Bestia Los Angeles
    Grilled Beef Meatballs
  6. Tomahawk Pork Chop – It’s massive like Kanye West’s ego.  It’s a 37 ounce pork chop with bone in and served as family style.   The pork was tender, juicy and cooked to a medium done.  Each bite had the same texture as a lean medium done steak.  The only issue I had with it was it was unevenly salted.  Parts of the pork chop were extremely salty and other parts being slightly salted.  It’s like a bitter hater who doesn’t have the confidence to achieve anything in their life.  However, it wasn’t to the point where you throw your hands in the motherfuckin air and wave the motherf*ckers like ya just don’t care.
    Bestia Los Angeles
    Tomahawk Pork Chop

Overall, Bestia has a lot of hype. A LOT.  It had more hype than the Game when he first arrived on the scene.  Does it really live up to it?  Unlike the Game, it definitely lives up to the hype.  Bestia is a really good restaurant when compared to Factory Kitchen or even Faith & Flower.  It’s definitely the epitome of a Los Angeles like 2pac’s To Live And Die In LA.  However, in this case, it’s To Live And Dine In LA.  Westside.

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  • 8/10
    Service - 8/10
  • 7.5/10
    Presentation - 7.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Flavors - 9.5/10
  • 8/10
    Decor - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Ambiance - 8.5/10


Bestia is situated in Downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles loves Bestia like they love Pac, Dre, Snoop and Kobe. It’s one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. It’s definitely the epitome of a Los Angeles like 2pac’s To Live And Die In LA.

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