Sushi Zo & New York City’s Sushi Scene Is Change

Sushi Zo is considered one of the best omakase only sushi restaurants in LA. I went to the West LA location and it changed my palate. 

Sushi Zo NYC
The restaurant decor

Chef Keizo has opened another location in Downtown Los Angeles and expanded to the East Coast now. Sushi Zo held a Michelin star in 2009 and the Michelin guide has yet to come back to LA. I have a feeling Chef Keizo moved to New York to regain the coveted Michelin star and stomp on the New York skyscrapers like the Dogg Pound New York New York video.

The interior is modern Japanese and like every top sushi restaurant in the world.  The minimum 10 seat sushi bar seating filled with hungry eaters who think sushi is all about the freshness of the fish and who like to dip the rice part into soy sauce.  Blasphemy I tell you.  The sushi connoisseurs are outside with pitch forks and ready to go ape shit on those idiots.

Sushi Zo NYC
Chef Masa showcasing his skills

I’ve been to the New York’s favorite Sushi Yasuda and the three Michelin star Masa. Both were a bit disappointing like finding out your girlfriend is pregnant and watching your future flash before your eyes.  It made me realized New York sushi restaurants are far behind the West Coast.

Now, the food.  It’s a traditional edo omakase only sushi restaurant.  The same concept that made them LA’s sushi king like how the G-Funk made Dr Dre the king of LA.  I’m going to mention the main courses I judge a sushi restaurant on.

  1. Oyster – Sushi Zo substitutes your typical lime or lemon with ponzu sauce. The vibrant ponzu added some zest to the dish and didn’t distract your palate. In addition, the ponzu sauce added a layer of depth to the dish compared to adding lime or lemon. The focus was still on the natural flavors of the oyster.  Supposedly it’s an aphrodisiac in some parts of the world.  What parts?  I don’t know.
    Sushi Zo NYC
  2. Spanish Mackerel – This dish is very hard to get right. Most sushi restaurants get it wrong like men trying to figure out what a women is thinking or trying to convey. When I say most, I mean about 99.5% of the industry.  However, Sushi Zo does it right. The scentless Mackerel and the buttery rice was a perfect blend of yin and yang like Democrats and Republicans.  However, Yin and Yang will depend on whether you watch MSNBC or Fox News.
    Sushi Zo NYC
    Spanish Mackerel
  3. Tomago – Tomago’s texture was soft, fluffy, and evaporated on your palate.  The tomago is usually the sign for the end of the omakase.  It’s the last dish before dessert and it’s the perfect transition like a triangle choke into an arm bar. The semi-sweet flavor was perfect and wasn’t overpowering like having Donald Trump force himself upon unsuspecting women.
    Sushi Zo NYC

Overall, Sushi Zo distinguishes itself from the mediocre and other high-end sushi restaurants.  It’s setting the standard for quality sushi restaurants in New York.  According to David Chang, “For pure sushi experience: sushi zo and chef masa offer one of the the best (if not the best) in Nyc my opinion.  Rice is damn near perfect.”  I think that motherfucker knows what he’s talking about.

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  • 9/10
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    Flavors - 9/10
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    Ambiance - 8/10


According to David Chang, “For pure sushi experience: sushi zo and chef masa offer one of the the best (if not the best) in Nyc my opinion. Rice is damn near perfect.” I think that motherfucker knows what he’s talking about.

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