Extra Butter LES

I don’t know why a shoe store would name itself “Extra Butter” cause I came here looking for some Grass-fed butter.  It’s a very misleading name. 

Extra Butter has a decent selection of Jordans, Reebok Pumps, New Balance, etc.  You know… a bunch of shit you don’t need.  To be honest, the selection wasn’t anything I haven’t seen online and things I could get a lot cheaper.  It’s an upscale sneaker shop. It was pretty cool cause they didn’t have any Chinese immigrants sewing the shoes in the stock room.

Overall, I wouldn’t pay for the asking price for a lot of their sneakers cause I know I could get it for cheaper since I’m a sneaker head.  The only good I got out of Extra Butter was a colorful yet discreet duffle bag that I used to smuggle 12 Halal Guys Chicken & Rice bowls back to Killa Cali.  I came looking for butter and toast and went away with a damn duffle bag.

Extra Butter New York
Totally discreet to smuggle Halal Guys Chicken and rice back to Cali
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