Central Park During Fall & Spring

Central Park is huge like the hole in a cocaine addict’s nose.  Every major city has its notable park.  Seoul has Olympic Park.  Sydney has the Royal Botanic Garden.  San Francisco has Golden Gate Park.  Chicago has Millennium Park.   Los Angeles has Chan-ho Park.  

Central Park New York
Central Park in the Fall

The best times to visit Central Park is during the Fall and Spring when the seasons change.  The best thing to do at Central Park during that time is eat an eighth of shrooms and trip out on the colors of the leaves.  It’s pretty amazing from what I’ve been told.  Now, I don’t do that sort of thing cause I’m quite an angel.

There are a lot of things to do here like the following:

  1. Gapstow Bridge
    Central Park New York
    Gapstow Bridge
  2. The Met
    The Met New York
    The Met
  3. Take a Stroll
    Central Park New York
    Central Park in Fall

I don’t care much for the colors of the park because I’m color blind.  The leaves could be green, yellow, purple or orange.  I couldn’t tell.

Central Park New York
The Sequel
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