Ondal Restaurant & Korean Stew

Ondal has a reputation in LA for making amazing Crab Stew.  I’ve been to the one on Washington multiple times and loved it each time.

I was pretty excited to discovered that there is one down the street from where I sling crack rocks at.  Either you’re slingin’ crack-rock, or you’ve got a wicked jump-shot!  I remember they used to thump but now they blast right?!  Things done changed, son!

Ondal Restaurant Garden Grove
Korean Dessert

It’s located in the same vicinity as Past Memories, Cham Sot Gol and right next door to Pho 45.  There is a huge parking lot and the restaurant is pretty small with no more than 15 four seat tables.  Unfortunately, there is no room for group pictures where the girls in front have issues with gravity and squat down.

I confirmed that it’s a family owned restaurant and his uncle runs the ones in LA.  I was hoping to make obnoxious remarks in English but unfortunately they speak English.  How do I know this?  I was asking the waiter who the hot waitress was and he said “Bro.. that’s my mom!”  Total awkward moment.

Anyway, Ondal is your Korean hot pot with ban chan.  I’m really surprised that no one knows about Ondal but everyone in Orange County tends to eat the same thing over and over.  No complaints from this guy cause I don’t have to worry about Ondal getting too busy!  Suckers!

Ondal Restaurant Garden Grove
Beef Stew

Now, the comida.  As mentioned, it’s your Korean Hot Pot with ban chan and it’s amazing like falling in love for the first time.  Awww!  How sweet and cheesy?  Someone say cheese?  The ban chan is a different from the LA locations but just as good.  I really liked their corn with cheese.  It’s so simple yet so satisfying.  We had the Beef Rib Stew and the flavors were consistent with the LA locations.  It was sweet and spicy.  The beef was tendered and added so much flavor to the stew.  It didn’t have much potatoes but still good like seeing Kanye West get booed on stage.

After the stew, they make Kim Chi Fried Rice, so a small stew is a good feasting for 4 people.  We got the stew mild in spiciness but it had a good kick to it.  I would suggest getting it non-spicy and go from there if you can’t handle spicy food.  OR… You could get a cup of man-up?!  Lastly, the stew is all the same except for the choice of protein.  In other words, the Crab Stew and the Beef Stew has the same broth/stew but you could get a choice of crab, beef, or whatever protein your little fatty heart desires.

Overall, I really like Ondal and been a fan of their food.  They have a great stew and provide an alternative to your Vietnamese Lau and Japanese Shabu Shabu.  I would definitely suggest people check out Ondal, but make sure you don’t ask about the hot waitress.

Ondal Restaurant Garden Grove
Fried Rice

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