Coachella & 3 Day Passes

Coachella origins started back in 1993 as an anti-machine aka anti-establishment to boycott Ticketmaster.  Now, Coachella is a money making machine filled with basic bitches and fuck boys.

Coachella Music Festival

The first show was played by Pearl Jam and we all know the history of the band.  Coachella used to book acts based on their music not the number of plays they get on the radio.  The inaugural event was in 1999 with the second event in 2001; the “anti-establishment” line up included bands with a message.  However, a lot has changed over the years and it has become a complete sh*t show.

There are at least 5 stages and celebrities are everywhere.  The event boast two weekends now with the same acts.  How do you know if your show is shit?  A Kardashian shows up.  The Kardashians showing up to your show is equivalent to Iggy Azalea asking Lauryn Hill to do a duet.  Yes, it’s that shitty and you lose all credibility.

Coachella Music Festival
The famous ferris wheel

I went to Coachella in 2007 for the Rage Against the Machine reunion and in 2013.  The 2007 show was easily one of the best shows in my life.  I’ve seen a good amount of shows in my life from Tool to the Wu-tang Clan with Tool and Rage being my top two shows.  However, Coachella has lost its wow factor and the show has become what it was originally against.

The venue is filled with fuck boys with their sun glasses and basic bitches with flower ornaments around their head.  The line up is complete garbage now and it has turn into a scene with nobody knowing the lyrics to the band’s songs.  It has become your weekly Hollywood party where everyone just wants to be seen there and post on social media.  Coachella is garbage.

Coachella Music Festival
Main Stage

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