The Museum of Modern Art & New York City

New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) sits in East Midtown.  It’s a block away from the famous Halal Guys cart.   I decided to drop by on my last NY trip and the place is huge.  It’s like 6/7 floors and with great view of Midtown starting from the 3rd floor.  There’s a floor for technology, sculptures, some Andy Warhol pieces and a few more items.

The Museum of Modern Art
Boards of Wood can be dangerous if you get stuck.

With every museum, there are a bunch of artists hanging outside with their sketch pads pretending they can draw, paint or being creative.  It’s pretty entertaining like watching someone fall on their face.  I’m the biggest art connoisseur you will probably meet.  I took an art class in community college that I failed so that gives me the right to be a critic.  In addition, I have pictures of myself standing in from of graffiti so that gives me instant street cred within the scene.

With that said, I like aesthetically pleasing things and I’m a total snob about it.  I personally prefer the high quality graffitti around the world where artists just scribble their name on a light pole or wall.  The intricacies of the chosen alphabet used with the illegible writing makes any renaissance fan ponder for hours trying to interpret the piece.

The Museum of Modern Art
They ran out of guac

I could spend hours or even days debating about what is considered real art.  I love asking artists to replicate something for me and always hate the fact that they don’t work for a living.  I always ask for a discount since they’re prices are always high and I could download the same picture off of Google.  I always recommend them moving to a bigger city to become well-known.

Anyway, MoMA is no different.  Most of the art isn’t comprehensible or it makes a pretty simple statement.  For example, the Campbell soup can is pretty much conveying people should eat more soup.  The Self-portrait from Van Gogh is telling people to take more selfies.  Van Gogh is the inventor of the selfie not Tom from MySpace with his bathroom picture.  The picture below is making a social message about how Americans consume too much pizza.

The Museum of Modern Art
Shades of Grey

To be perfectly honest, the only thing that really captivated my eyes were the view of Midtown on each floor.  I basically sat at each floor staring out the window for about 20-30 minutes.  It was kind of like those awkward moments where you spot someone really hot and you don’t know what to say but all you could do is stare at them.  Yes.  It was one of those moments and some may call it “being a total creep”, but I call it lovingly admiring from a far.

Overall, MoMA is one of those places where you have to visit just to see it for yourself and to check it off your NYC to do list.  OR you could just sit outside MoMA with your art pad and pretend to be a starving artist.  You might get laid or be called a poser.

The Museum of Modern Art
Panoramic views

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