Scorched Grill & Apollo Bay

Scorched Grill is located in Apollo Bay, but you already know that from the address on Yelp.  It seemed like a new establishment.  How do I know this?  Well, the signed on the store still said “Vittoria”.  There’s outdoor seating and a view of the ocean.

Scorched Grill Apollo Bay

We decided to eat here and I was fortunate enough to hear Australians order food.  My cousin and the cashier sounded like they were grunting through the whole process.  It was pretty much “good day, yay”, “yay, mate”, “nay”, “yay”, “nay”, “yay”, and “good day, mate”.  I was standing there with a dumbfounded look on my face thinking “What the f*ck are you two bloody wankers saying?!”

Anyway, I went with the Fat Boy burger.  I know. It was quite fitting for my physique, but I do remember that round is a shape.   The burger had all the ripe and crisp veggies, which were tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce.  The patty was Australian Wagyu cooked to my specification, which was medium rare.  The patty seemed to be frozen and wasn’t thawed properly.  It came out a bit dry like kissing someone with chapped lips.

Scorched Grill Apollo Bay
The Fat Boy Burger

It included strips of bacon, but differed from American bacon where it’s thin and crispy.  The Australian bacon was thick cuts, seared on the outside, and chewy.  It was pretty tasty and an interesting change from American bacon.  It was kind of like when someone goes from weed to cocaine.  Okay…. Not that extreme but a change.

Overall, it was a good burger but not a great burger.  I definitely think it’s a great stop in Apollo Bay cause of their sidewalk seating and being able to creep on women.  Opps… I mean people watch.  I would definitely come back next time I’m in Oz if I could get past customs.  I guess my 187s came up and you know how hard it is for a G.

Scorched Grill Apollo Bay
The layers of the Fat Boy

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