The Spare Room Bar

First and foremost, I’m not a Hollywood type of person.  The traffic, obnoxiousness, overpriced drinks, pretentious people, douche bags, all the thick teasers, skeezers, and weirdos.  I avoid that part of LA like emotionally unstable women.

However, I was dragged out with my buddies on a Saturday night.  I actually wasn’t literally dragged out but more persuaded by the promise of dining at my favorite taco truck, El Chato, after the bar.  In other words, it didn’t take nothing more than the allure of al pastor tacos and burritos to get me to come out.

We arrived there around 11 pm after we made a pit stop at Tommy’s Burgers on Hollywood Blvd.  The Spare Room is located in the famous Roosevelt Hotel.  I’ve been to the Roosevelt many times before but never noticed the Spare Room.  It’s probably cause every time I’ve been there I’ve been intoxicated.

The Spare Room is on the 2nd floor and tucked away.  There’s a door man and a woman in front.  Apparently, you have to make reservations and it’s an “exclusive” bar.  Luckily for us, my friends knew people who knew people who knew their baby cousin’s neighbor’s brother’ in law who was college room-mates with somebody who he hasn’t talk to since Friendster named George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The Spare Room Bar Los Angeles
The bowling alley

Anyway, we entered and there was only one bar near the door.  The decor was very classy and reminded me of old Sherlock Holmes movies .  The two bowling lanes were occupied and the tables required reservations.  There wasn’t more than 40 people in the place including my group of friends, which was about 15 of us.  I guess it was pretty exclusive being that it was dead like Vanilla Ice’s rap career.  It’s a very intimate bar, dimly lit, and the type of bar where you bring a date you don’t want to see in direct sunlight.

The 3 bartenders were pretty quick with the drink turnaround.  It was $25 for a Stone IPA ($10) and a whiskey shot ($15) excluding tip.  As the night went along, more people were coming in and the drink turnaround starting getting longer.  I started to notice the bartenders developing attitudes about people closing out their tabs.  I don’t know why but they did.  One of the attitudes were directed at one of my buddies and he was like “WTF is wrong with this b*tch?”  I told him he should have ask the bartender if she wanted a double shot of STFU.

Overall, the Spare Room is a very nice and intimate bar.  I really liked the decor and the feel of the bar.  However, the bartenders should fix their attitude problem and chill the f*ck out if people don’t want to drink anymore.  I wasn’t buying the “exclusive” pretentious vibe of a bar.

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The Spare Room Bar epitomizes the Hollywood scene. It’s pretentious, exclusive and drinks cost a mortgage payment. The decor is nice; however, attitude from bartenders as the night went on makes the trip not worth while. I would recommend going to your local dive bar and getting smash there then going grabbing tacos at your favorite truck.

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