Vail Mountain Resort

Vail Mountain.  I absolutely love snowboarding in Colorado cause of the scenery.  The roads are a sight to see and the mountains are filled with snow.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado
Bottom of the main lift

The snow is always fresh and the mountains are gorgeous.  The runs are long and it’s always has fresh powder.  However, that’s not to say I haven’t encountered icy parts where it feels like I’m hitting cement when I fall.  Yes, I know.  Pros still fall too.  The lift tickets keep going up every year but it’s expected like newbies trying to get into my sport.  The main perk of the lift ticket is it could be used at all the local mountains.  You could board Vail one day, Keystone the next and Breckenridge the day after.  We always buy a multi-day pass, really milk it and never board at a safe speed.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado
The view

As a pro-border, I find Vail to be a bit snootie cause I get condescending looks for my latest snowboarding gear.  They make remarks about matching jacket and pants with my board, bandana, helmets, and tinted goggles.  They can’t stand the fact that I show up in a lifted Ford truck, intoxicated and screaming “narly, brah” each time at the terrain park.  I’ll go from Beverly Hills to Riverside on their ass 0-100 real fast on them if they acted that way towards me on the slopes, brah.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado

The terrain park is extremely fun as I speed down the trails screaming at the top of my lungs and asking my buddies if they got my jump on their GoPro.  The park could be annoying with all the skiers and newbies who can’t shred; however, it’s a lot of fun dropping snow on those losers from the lift or laughing at them fall miserably.  I usually push people who get in my way or shred snow on those who fall on the trail.  Get out of the kitchen if you can’t handle the heat, brah.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado
The view of the slopes

The newbies should stick to Vail Village.  It’s a little charming village with a Christmas-esque vibe about it.  The architecture is gorgeous and there’s plenty to do while you’re there.  The posers could sport all the rental gears they want without getting in my way.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado
Vail Village

Overall, I always have a good trip whenever I’m in Vail.  I do prefer Keystone over Vail because the snow is usually softer, slopes wider and people are nicer.  However, Vail Village is a lot more charming and fun to walk through after a day of boarding.  I could speed down the hill and throw snow on newbies without getting busted.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado
Top of the mountain

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