Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth’s Chris is an upscale steakhouse chain with locations all over the world.  Per Ruth’s Chris website, the restaurant chain was started by a woman who saw an opportunity and she took it.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Los Angeles

Legend has it that the woman behind the popular steakhouse chain took a chance and bought a steakhouse for sale in the New Orleans classified section.  She mortgaged her home to buy the steakhouse even though she didn’t have any knowledge about the restaurant business.  She slowly learned all the details of the business from farm to table as well as providing quality service.  Many called her Diana Prince aka Princess Diana of Themyscira aka Wonder Woman aka Ruth Fertel aka a Single Mother who achieved the American dream.

We decided to dine at the Beverly Hills location and happened to see Russell Westbrook dining in the corner before the break up.  The break up as in Kevin Durant leaving for the Warriors.  Yes, it was a very messy situation but remember that person you said you couldn’t live without?  Well, look at you living and shit.  Anyways, one of my buddies decided to be a total tool and yell out “Lakers” at him.  I gave him a look and said, “You’re an idiot especially when the Lakers are garbage right now.”

Anyways, the restaurant is fairly large and service was great. We brought a few boxes of wine and the server didn’t charge us corkage fees because box wine doesn’t have a cork.  We got completely hammered off of the boxes cause we were sipping straight from the box through a plastic tube.  It was pretty HAM.  The waiter didn’t mind us slapping him on the ass and saying, “Good job, princess”.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Los Angeles
My vision after the boxes of wine

Now, the food. We felt like spending our whole paycheck that night, so we went with the DineLA menu.

  1. Rib Eye – The Rib Eye was cooked medium rare and turned medium as I was devouring it on the hot plate.  It was decently seasoned with salt and pepper and I wish it had more seared marks on it to add flavors of the steak.  However, it lacked any rich flavor and buttery texture to it.  It was a good piece of steak but it wasn’t great.
  2. Lobster – The lobster tail came grilled and a side of butter melted under a candle.  The side of butter was nicely presented and acted as a dipping sauce for the butter.  However, I decided to use it on my steak too cause butter is so much better when it’s used to squeeze yourself through the door.  The lobster was moist at first but it started to dry out really quick.  It was a bit overcooked.
    Ruth’s Chris Steak House Los Angeles
    Surf and turf
  3. Ahi Tuna – The ahi tuna was cut into pieces and seared on the outside.  It was still raw in the inside.  It came with a lime to add a zest to it and had a decent flavor to it.Ruth’s Chris Steak House Los Angeles

Overall, it was a fun experience.   The food was decent and the service was great.  However, the determining factor of whether I would come back rest on the fact that they didn’t charge us corkage for our boxes of wine.  Definitely a classy joint.

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    Ambiance - 7/10


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse has been an institution in New Orleans for more than 50 years. The single mother who started it has been dubbed Wonder Woman and she serves beef on a plate. The steaks are good in terms of a steakhouse chain and the service is great. Got beef?

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