BiergartenLA & The K-Town Pub

Biergarten is your typical sports pub and contains all the characteristics of a sports pub.  It’s located in the K-town district of Los Angeles just west of Downtown Los Angeles.

The pub is filled with your sports fans, girlfriends of sports fans, pub food and menu full of drinks.  The decor is German influenced as the name indicates on the wall.  The wooden tables, multiple big screen TVs on the wall and screaming sports fanatics.

I usually like to come dress in my favorite teams sports jersey even though I have no athletic ability at all.  I get hammered as I pound beers after beer as the game progresses.  I scream at the top of my lungs when my team is winning; in addition, I have a tendency to say “we” even though I am not associate with the team and they don’t even know I exist.  I fall for the collective marketing term and use it on a daily basis like other sports fan.

Biergarten is where I go to compare sport statistics and regurgitate information I saw on SportsCenter.  I throw a tantrum when my team loses and go through all the stages of grief the week after their inability to make the playoffs.  From the moment of their lost to the next game, I go from denial to anger to bargaining to depression then to acceptance. I even shed a tear and say “It’s time for us to rebuild the team for the future.”

With every sports pub, there’s food on the menu.  Biergarten serves typical Korean pub food even though the name is German.  When they decided on the pub’s name, I think the owners were having an identity crisis like how I always ponder about switching teams but my pride would never allow me.  We usually order the following:

  1. Spare rib nachos – It’s your ultimate nachos with cheese, onions, jalapeno, tomato, Korean chili paste, guacamole, and bits of Korean style spare ribs.  The tender morsels of spare ribs are much better carne asada that you see from your Mexican counterparts.  It’s because spare ribs tend to be a lot more tender and it provides a great contrasts to the crunchy texture of the chips.  The rest of the ingredients are usually fresh, but I have received old stale chips before.  The Korean chili paste as additional flavoring to the whole dish versus an overwhelming spicy component to it.
    BiergartenLA K town
    Spare rib nachos
  2. Korean chicken wings – Fried Korean style chicken wings with a thin layer of breaded batter.  The Korean wings are breaded then deep fried in a fryer.  The skin is crispy and the meat is moist.  The red sauce has a hint of sriracha adds another level of flavoring to the wings.  It comes with fries It’s addicting to eat as I pound a Stein and annoyingly say “We’re up” or “We got this” during the game.
    BiergartenLA K town
    Chicken Wings
  3. Drunken chicken – The Drunken chicken is half a chicken accompanied with a Korean style coleslaw.  The pan fried chicken has a crispy outer skin that’s not breaded or battered like the chicken wings.  The crispy outer skin and the moisture of the dark meat is consistent every time I order it.  The dish is meant for sharing unlike Kobe Bryant when he has the ball.
    BiergartenLA K town
    Drunken Chicken

Overall, Biergarten is usually where my friends and I go to watch the games.  It’s where we could act obnoxiously and pretend we are apart of a team who don’t know we exist.  It’s where we go used one of the most ingenious collective marketing term ever created to make us non-athletes feel like we’re could be a professional player.  It’s where we usually go to get beered up and wait close to an hour for the food to come out.  It’s fine.  There’s always next year.

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    Service - 6/10
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    Presentation - 6/10
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    Flavors - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Decor - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Ambiance - 6/10


Biergarten is your typical sports pub where people like myself could go say “we” without being ridicule and judged. It’s where hard core sports fanatics go to watch games and imagine them scoring the winning score. It’s where we have debates and make excuses for teams who don’t know we exists. It’s your typical sports bar.

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