Culture Kings Barbershop

Culture Kings is Australia’s Urban Culture store.  The store includes a barbershop, a wall full of urban brands, and another wall full of high-end sneakers.

It’s Australia’s attempt to bring urban culture that originated from Los Angeles and New York to Australia.  Culture Kings represents everything gone wrong with Urban Culture.  It’s really interesting yet funny store once you enter.   There’s a barbershop to give it some street cred with the addition of high-end sneaker brands like Jordan’s.  The only problem is the store lacks authenticity like the shoppers lack street cred.

Every male shopper here reminded me of B-Rad from Malibu’s Most Wanted.  It was pretty amusing as I made jokes to my cousin about the store.  Now, on a serious note, there wasn’t anything I couldn’t get here that I could get at Slauson Swapmeet in LA or online at stores like NY’s Karmaloop.  There’s an abundance of sneakers, urban brands, t-shirts, and snapbacks.  Everything you could imagine to give the impression that you’re from the “streets”.  Shit… There was even red Bompton hats.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love the fact that urban culture has a world wide impact but this is a failed attempt.  It was trying too hard and seemed desperate like when a man who tries too hard to impress a woman.  Anyway, I didn’t see Queen Latifah or Ice Cube at the barber chairs.  Matter of fact… I didn’t see anyone with any street cred in the store except yours truly.  Yes, I said it.  Westside.

Culture Kings Sydney
Culture Kings Sydney

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