Brunswick Street Gallery

Fitzroy is Melbourne’s hipster area.  It’s no different than New York’s Williamsburg or LA’s Silver Lake.  With every hipster neighborhood, there has to be an art gallery like hipsters with mustaches.  Why wouldn’t there be a gallery in the middle of a Fitzroy town?

Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne
This must be a political statement about trees

I mean it’s expected like a baby crying when he/she is hungry.  It’s expected like death, taxes and change.  It’s expected like the condescending looks you get from the people who run the museum.  It’s expected like when you out snob someone and they call you a douche.  It’s expected like… Well, you get the point.

Brunswick Street Gallery is on the 2nd floor and with multiple rooms acting as different Exhibits.  There’s no air conditioning cause air conditioning fuels the “machine” and drives their profits up.  As hipsters, we can’t support Corporate Australia cause it would be totally uncool if we did.  It’s like why would you have a mustache that doesn’t curl up?  Blasphemous.  However, on the positive side, the gallery is free to the public.

Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne
The free sign

Now, the art work.  I can’t say that it’s NYC’s Met or MoMA quality but it’s definitely up to par with hipster art work.  In other words, it’s completely makes no sense at all and makes you think these kids should get a job and stop doing drugs.  That includes me.  To be honest, I actually came in hoping they had air conditioning and failed then I was hoping they had some decent art work.. Failed again.

There were some political pieces and some abstract art.  I couldn’t tell you the artists’ names cause it didn’t seem important to me at the time cause I was looking for a place with air conditioning.  Overall, I can’t really complain much since it’s free and interesting experience to see different art from Aussie hipsters.  If I really wanted to complain, I would have gone on Yelp and started bitching about the museum being free.

Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne
It’s a white wedding

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