Quartino & Chicago’s Italian Tapas Bar

We decided to dine here because it has more reviews on Yelp than Elvis has sightings.  It’s an Italian tapas restaurant with a good size of beer selections.  It’s a couple of blocks from Mag Mile.

Quartino Chicago
“Patio” seating

The restaurant has two floors and the restroom is located on the 2nd floor. It baffles me why there isn’t one on the first floor.  It’s a very nice restaurant with a Chicago feel to it.  The service was good even though the waiter got one of our orders wrong.   However, I didn’t think it was his mistake cause my friend’s friend was being wishy washy on what she wanted to eat.  She didn’t exactly explained what she wanted very well and I found it annoying the way she was acting when the dish came out.  Plus, the idiot kept calling me by the wrong name even after she requested to add me on FB during lunch.

Anyway, onto the cibo.  That’s food for people who don’t speak French at an Italian restaurant. Seriously. Get a clue, folks.

  1. Calamari – The batter on the Calamari was crispy and light.  The Calamari was cooked just right but my only issue was it was a bit too salty. I usually like salty food but this had me drinking my beer faster than a drunk Irish sailor.
    Quartino Chicago
  2. Veal Sliders – This was my favorite dish out of everything we tried.  The Sliders were cooked medium rare.  It juicy, flavorful and tender.  The bread was toasted and fluffy at the same time.  There was a touch of marinara sauce which added a tangy zest to it and comforting taste.  Mama mia!
    Quartino Chicago
    Veal Sliders
  3. Beef Ribs – This was my second favorite dish.  The ribs were cooked very well and it was easy to cut.  It was really tender and full of flavor.  The meat tore apart very easily like a perfectly cooked stack of ribs where the meet falls right off the bone.  In addition, it didn’t take much chewing which I like cause I don’t like to put much effort into getting fat.
    Quartino Chicago
    Beef Ribs
  4. Beef Carpaccio – This was a big let down.  The Angus Beef wasn’t bad but it was raw so how bad could it really be right?  I didn’t think the cheese went well with the Carpaccio like Kanye West at award shows. I felt it was an utter failure like people trying to get healthy every year for their new year’s resolution.  Brace yourselves.  The “New Year.  New Me” posts are coming, folks.
    Quartino Chicago
    Beef Carpaccio

Overall, the food was decent but it wasn’t amazing or anything unforgettable.  Would I come here again? Probably not.  It just confirms my conclusion that Yelp ratings and reviews should not be trusted like Taylor Swift.

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Quartino confirms my conclusion that not all Italian restaurants are made the same. It also confirms that Yelpers are idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about. Quartino is an average restaurant but nothing special to rave about. There are other restaurants in the Chicago area worth visiting like McDonald’s.

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