Destination: Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is an interesting city and definitely one of a kind compared to other cities I’ve visited.  It’s has an aura of glitz and glamour with shining lights and movie stars on Sunset Blvd.  It’s where people come to be apart of the “industry”.

ghetto los angeles
Cause spell check isn’t a habit.

Now, LA isn’t for everyone.  I can see why people would hate the city.   I personally despise the abundant beaches, gorgeous people, women in yoga pants, the endless sunshine, cool breezes, multiple cultural pockets, taco trucks, Asian restaurants, high-end sushi restaurants, and watching winter on the TV.  I seriously can not stand that shit.  In addition, there’s practically no traffic in the city.  What a shitty shit show city to visit, right?  Yeah, totally.

Furthermore, it’s practically impossible to find decent human beings in a city where everyone is practically an aspiring actress, actor, a DJ, musician or in a band.  There are real celebrities with real talents then you have celebs who contribute nothing of value to society like social media celebs.  There’s no need to migrate to Los Angeles to become a star no more.  All you need is a social media account filled with half naked pictures of yourself, which I will gladly follow without any hesitation.  If all else fails, release a sex tape or get into porn.  I’ll watch it on PornHub.

Los angeles
Southern California skies

However,  if you decide to come anyways, there are plenty of things to do outside of the touristy areas.  There are the non-tourist areas like the Hollywood sign and Sunset Blvd.  There are theme parks like Universal Studios and Disneyland if you haven’t reach puberty or you’re an adult child.  If you’re into food, you could always stop by the most famous restaurant in Los Angeles, which is McDonald’s.  If you’re a health nut, you could get organic free range chicken at the popular Pioneer Chicken.   That’s not it.  If you’re the adventurous type and want to have a cultural experience, there’s the wildly popular and authentic Taco Bell.

LA is a bit of a boring town where people don’t believe in drinking or even getting plastic surgery.   No…not here.  It’s filled with health conscious vegans who rather spend their whole paycheck at Whole Foods than be caught dead at Ralph’s or even Stater Bros in their Lululemons.  Mercedes, BMW and other high end brands had to withdraw from the market due to everyone opting for public transportation.  It’s a terrible.

Overall, LA is a good place to visit if you want to be bored out of your mind and have extra money to burn to be bored out of your mind.  I personally can not stand all the sunshine and women in yoga pants or summer dresses year round.

Obey Banksy Street Art shepard fairey
Los Angeles Street Art