Los Angeles International Airport – LAX

LAX is the most beloved airport in the Los Angeles and Orange County airport.  People flock here by the hundreds of thousands on an hourly basis to fly out of here.   Why do you think its so congested all the time?  I’m being sarcastic.  It’s probably one of the worst airports in the world.  It’s always a shit show, the employees are rude, the place is congested, people don’t follow directions, and a lot of people can’t navigate the airport blocking traffic.


You get to see a wide range of people at this airport.  You got the meat heads, the MMA tool bags, the wanna-be athletes aka cross-fitters, social media celebs who aren’t really celebs, the occasional real celeb, foreigners, students, average joe’s, rich folks who don’t follow the rules, cops yelling at people to move their cars, girls who take group pictures and gravity suddenly get stronger, people in designer labels from head to toe and jerks like me who enjoy watching the shit show.

To be honest, it usually doesn’t take me more than 25 minutes to get dropped off then through TSA once I pass the LAX sign.  The key is I know what time to schedule my flights and what airlines to fly.  The shitty airlines are the most congested and always pack.  I will never fly those airlines and stick to Virgin or JetBlue.  Also, I would fly Southwest depending on the flight times.  Lastly, don’t fly out early in the morning or past 6 pm.  It’s a disaster and the streets are backed up to the freeway.  It’s insane and magnified due to LA traffic.


LAX is cheaper to fly out of then Santa Ana Airport (i.e., John Wayne Airport) or Long Beach Airport on every occasion.  However, I only fly out of LAX if I’m flying internationally or going straight from work.  I rather pay the premium to fly out of Santa Ana or Long Beach due to their efficient TSA process and traffic control.  Lastly, as much as I dislike LAX’s issue, I take it in stride cause whenever I’m there I’m jetsetting.