Brodard Chateau & Vietnamese Cuisine

Brodard Chateau is the refined version of Brodard restaurant (i.e., the tore up older sibling).  Brodard is a wildly popular restaurant in the Little Saigon area of Orange County, California.

Brodard serves traditional Vietnamese food and they’re known for their spring rolls.  It’s the main reason why people go there.  It’s also the main reason I’ve been going here for years as a resident of Little Saigon.

Brodard Chateau Westminster
Goi Ga

Little Saigon Vietnamese restaurants are known for their wonderful service, which rivals some of the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world.  Once you are seated, the waiter comes by and throws the menus down on your table.  As you look in shock, he/she stand by your table tapping their order receipt book with their pen expecting you to know what you want before looking at the menu.  Once you order, the food comes out fairly fast as you try to clean the barely washed utensils and pull your elbow off the sticky table.  There no refills on drinks and water refills has to be requested.  If requested, you’re a guaranteed a grunt or two and some Vietnamese words mumbled.  That’s quality service I’ve been accustomed to and I know I’ve been spoiled.

However, Brodard Chateau is changing up the game and added Americanized Vietnamese millennials to their wait staff.  The Americanized millennials call you “sir” and say inappropriate things like “coming right up” and “thank you”.  It’s completely rude and uncalled.  Where is the signature Vietnamese service?  Where is the barely washed utensils and the condescending looks when I don’t know what I want to order?  Why are the tables so damn clean?  I don’t know where Brodard Chateau lost its way.  It’s unfortunate and terrible.

Brodard Chateau Westminster
Nem Nuong Spring Rolls

Now, the food.  Brodard Chateau serves the same food as its older sibling.  However, the portions are smaller and it’s pricier.  My usual:

  1. Nem Nuong Springs Rolls – Nem Nuong is pork.  The spring rolls are wrapped in clear rice paper with a slice of cucumbers, carrots, fried wrapper, lettuce, pork, and green onions.  It provides a crisp and fresh taste along with a succulent flavor of the Nem Nuong  when you take a bite.  The pork is semi-sweet.  However, the kicker is the sauce for the spring rolls.  It’s amazingly sweet and umami with the addition of chili paste.  It’s enough to have Anthony Bourdain move to Little Saigon.
  2. Goi Ga – Goi Ga is chicken salad.  I know.  Who the fuck eats salad?  Well, this salad is worth the room.  It’s thinly sliced cabbage with pieces of shredded chicken and match stick size carrots.  On top of that, it has mint leaves with a good dose of peanuts.  It is dressed with a vinegar and fish sauce dressing.  The fresh crisp veggies are refreshing with the addition of the sweet dressing.  It’s enough to make Donald Trump learn how to use chopsticks.
  3. Banh Xeo – Banh Xeo is a Vietnamese version of crepes.  It’s outer shell is a mixture egg and flour.  The outer shell is encloses thinly sliced bacon, shrimp, bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, scallions, and mint leaves.  It provides an assortment fresh tasting Spring time flavors.  The sweetness from the sauce poured on top and zest of the lime will make any foodie re-evaluate their daily food choices.
    Brodard Chateau Westminster
    Banh Xeo

Overall, Brodard Chateau is the more upscale version of Brodard Restaurant.  Both are within two miles from each other but I personally prefer the traditional signature Vietnamese service.  It creeps me out when a Vietnamese waiter calls me “sir” or is extremely polite to me.  It’s like “What the f*ck did you say about my mom?”

Brodard Chateau Westminster
Thai Soup
  • 7.5/10
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    Ambiance - 8/10


Brodard has long been a staple of the Little Saigon community. Brodard serves an assortment of Vietnamese dishes with pho restaurants on every corner. Brodard Chateau is the more upscale version of the original brick and mortar that gives you Americanized service. I personally prefer the traditional crappy Vietnamese service.

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