McCarran International Airport – LAS

To be honest, this isn’t a bad airport when you’re arriving or departing Vegas.  I think a lot of people from Southern California agree with me that driving to Vegas isn’t too bad.

It’s the drive back that sucks.  I rather fly.  It’s definitely better than sitting in the car driving home in traffic after a weekend full of extra-curricular activities.  What kind of extra-curricular activities?  I’m talking about extensive book recommendations in a book club….

McCarran International Airport
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Okay.  I’m not talking about a book club.  I’m talking about drugs, alcohol, gambling, escorts, strip clubs, day/night clubs, and blow.  Well, that’s what I heard.  I don’t do any of that stuff cause I’m a law abiding angel.  The funny thing about McCarran is everyone is hung over.  You could see the look in their eyes and everyone can’t wait to get home.  You have the ones who did an all nighter and are stumbling through TSA smelling like booze.

You have the ones who over slept and are in their sweats or pajamas.  You have the ones who are on the verge of throwing up but they are praying to God to maintain in front of TSA.  You have the ones who are nervous cause the drug dogs are walking around.  It’s quite the sight.  McCarran International Airport should be renamed to McHungover International Airport.

Overall, McCarran always provides great entertainment and a great place to relive the embarrassing weekend stories.   What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?  Wrong!  The stories follows you if you have friends like mine.  Also, there’s no cure for herpes.

McCarran International Airport
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