Kim & Carlo’s Hot Dog Stand & The Chicago Dog

Kim & Carlo’s Hot Dog Stand is located right next to the Shedd Museum and Field Museum.  They’re open even though it’s -30 outside.

It looks close but there is actually someone in the hot dog stand.  You just have to walk up and they sliding window will open.  The code word is “Kanye Is A Dipshit.”  I don’t know… Maybe it’s a Chicago thing.  However, don’t worry cause it’s not a creepy person who’s about to kill you.  Chicagoans have one rule when it comes to their hot dogs and they’re Nazis about it.

Chicago Hot Dog Rule:  No Ketchup. Don’t Ask.

Kim & Carlo’s Hot Dog Stand
Their location

We got the Polish Sausage with everything on it.  It had yellow mustard, dill pickles, slices of tomato, chopped white onions, salt, relish, peppers, a poppy seed bun and no ketchup.  I asked for ketchup and she gave me a dirty look.  What?  Did I stutter, m*hf*ckah?!

Anyway, the Chicago dog is definitely distinct from other cities’ take on how a hot dog should be eaten.  The Chicago dog has a juicy and sour bite to it.  The bun is soft and the main act is the toppings.  As you bite into the Chicago Hot Dog, the first thing your palate will notice is the crisp and plumpness of the hot dog followed by the sourness of the toppings as you chew.  It’s a good marriage of flavors for Chicago weather and the only reason why Chicago Hot Dogs are only good in Chicago.  It’s the same thing as NYC Pizza and Halal Guys only being good in NYC.  LA has it’s late night taco stands and dirty dogs cart and no other city does those two things better in the United States.

Anyway, the difference between a Chicago hot dog versus an LA dirty dog is the preparation.  Chicago hog dogs and buns are boiled or steamed with the exception of the char-dog.  The boiled or steam gives the Chicago dog the crisp juicy bite to them.  Now, LA Dirty Dogs are “grilled” and wrapped in bacon.  The toppings are the same except for a few items.  The onions are grilled and usually caramelized due to how long it has been on the grill.  It comes with mustard, ketchup and mayo.  The condiments are more diverse than a Chicago dog.  Yes, ketchup.

Overall, Kim & Carlo’s interpretation of a Chicago dog was good and had a lot of flavors to it.  I definitely enjoyed it as a snack and wouldn’t recommend it as a whole meal unless you eat like 2 of them.  It’s a good spot to stop for a snack or lunch during your day at the museum.  Lastly, ask for ketchup.

Kim & Carlo’s Hot Dog Stand
Chicago dog dragged through the garden
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Kim & Carlo’s Hot Dog Stand is located between the Field Museum and Shedd Museum. It’s a little hot dog stand delivering Chicago Hot Dogs with no ketchup. What the FUCK ever! It’s a pretty good Chicago Hot Dog despite your discriminatory practices. Geez, man, what’s next? A Chicago Hot Dog with no hot dog?

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