Artsy Fartsy Institute of Chicago

O.M.G. like.. The AI of Chicago is prob one of my FAV museums in the whole wide world.  It’s almost as fab as the Met in New York.  

It’s like soooo like artsy.  Totally like a celfie op for Insta or SnapChizzy.  I know like I’m not a smarty pants but like I like pretty pictures and that’s why I use Insta.   Facebook?  Like ew!  Like ewwwww!!  No waaay since my parents are on it now.  They should like rename it Frayed-Book.

Art Institute of Chicago
AI’s courtyard

Let me break it down for ya suckahs out there.  Yo, it’s a dope a$$ piece of architecture and sh*t.  From the windows to the wall, they got all these OG pieces and sh*t.  They got swords, a m*hf*ckin knight, paintings from some famous cat named Van Gogh, a bunch of other sh*t from Picasso and sh*t.  Yo, a m*hf*ckin knight, son!  Sir m*hf*ckin Lancelot, yo!  That fool a m*hf*ckin’ playa, son.  It’s going off like the club on a Tuesday and we still ain’t save em.  This the joint to take your Trap Queen, kid.

Art Institute of Chicago
Sir Lancelot

This old chap will definitely visit the Art Institute the next time I tour Chicago.  It’s quite a lovely place to spend the day with the Misses or even the fellas might enjoy a day roaming the splendid halls of this fine establishment.  You and your company could grab a cup of tea or coffee with two creams and two sugars at the upstairs cafeteria or canteen.  It has a rather quite view of Chicago and perfect for an London Gentleman like myself.

  • 8/10
    History - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Comtemporary - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Architecture - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Culture - 8/10


The Art Institute of Chicago has a little bit of everything from Medieval and contemporary art. The wide range of artifacts from different regions of the world is impressive. Lastly, don’t forget Sir m*hf*ckin Lancelot, son!

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